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Agriculture Rain Pipe

Here, we offer Agriculture Rain Pipe which serves as the sprinkler irrigation system's replacement. Installing and maintaining it is simple. This rain pipe is made from a virgin special-grade polyethylene blend. It is convenient to coil and uncoil flexible tape. The greatest quality and longevity of this particular line of drip irrigation tubing are well recognized. Agriculture Rain Pipe is available in huge ranges like Rain Pipe(40Mm) (Double Layer Orange Colour), Rain Pipe(40Mm)(Single Layer Black Colour), and much more. Closely spaced crops, onion, vegetable crops, green vegetables, groundnuts, etc. are all ideal for rain hose. It is recommended for crops that are tightly spaced.

Agriculture Rain Pipe Features:

1. Efficient Water Distribution: The system should efficiently distribute water across the agricultural field, ensuring that each plant receives the appropriate amount of water for optimal growth without wastage.

2. Customizable Flow Rate: Farmers might need to adjust the flow rate of water based on the type of crop, soil moisture, and other environmental factors. A good system would allow for easy adjustment of water flow.

3. Flexibility: The system should be flexible and adaptable to different field shapes and sizes. It should be able to cover both small and large areas effectively.

4. Durability: Agricultural equipment needs to withstand various weather conditions and rough handling. The rain pipe system should be durable and able to handle the stresses of outdoor use.

5. Easy Installation and Setup: Farmers typically prefer systems that are easy to install and set up without requiring complex technical expertise.

6. Low Maintenance: Minimal maintenance is ideal, as farmers have busy schedules. A system that doesn't require frequent repairs or adjustments is desirable.

7. Water Conservation: Efficient water use is crucial in agriculture. The system should help conserve water by minimizing evaporation, runoff, and overspray.

8. Automation Compatibility: Integration with automation technologies could allow for precise scheduling and control of irrigation, potentially leading to better water and resource management.

9. Cost-Effective: Affordability is an important factor for farmers. The rain pipe system should provide value for its cost and contribute positively to the overall crop yield.

10. Environmental Impact: A system that reduces water wastage and minimizes the use of chemicals or fertilizers can have a positive environmental impact.

11. Uniform Coverage: The system should provide uniform water coverage across the entire field to ensure consistent crop growth and avoid over- or under-watering.

12. Pressure Regulation: The rain pipe system might have features to regulate water pressure to ensure consistent distribution along the length of the pipes.

Rain Pipe(40Mm) (Double Layer Orange Colour)

  • Product Type:Other, Rain Pipe
  • Material:Plastic
  • Shape:Round
Price: 680 INR/Piece

Rain Pipe(40Mm)(Single Layer Black Colour)

  • Material:Plastic
  • Shape:Round
  • Product Type:Other, Rain Pipe
Price: 550 INR/Piece

Rain Pipe(32Mm)(Double Layer Orange Colour)

  • Product Type:Other
  • Material:Plastic
  • Shape:Round
Price: 600 INR/Piece

Rain Pipe(32Mm)(Single Layer Black Colour)

  • Shape:Round
  • Material:Plastic
  • Product Type:Other, Rain Pipe
Price: 480 INR/Piece

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